Brockville Water Pollution Control Centre Upgrades

Brockville Water Pollution Control Centre Upgrades
Brockville, ON

The Brockville Water Pollution Control Centre is a Class IV secondary treatment facility capable of treating 21,800 m3/day, with a peak design of 62,500 m3/day. Project highlights include the installation of an aeration tank equipped with fine bubble air diffusers, a three-storey operations centre, three circular clarifiers, an ultraviolet system, a RAS/WAS pumping system, and a rotary drum thickener; the replacement of the existing centrifuges; and the retrofit of the existing primary clarifiers, as well as the replacement of existing motor control centres and the installation of a new 1000 kW generator. During the course of the project, 10,000 m3 of concrete was poured and there were extensive renovations to the existing plant, including electrical and instrumentation modifications to 12 remote pumping stations throughout the city. Critical phasing requirements on separate start-ups of individual pieces of equipment were coordinated with operation staff for tie-in requirements.