Backed by the trust of financial lenders with substantial bonded insurance and operating across Eastern Ontario as well as parts of Northern Ontario, Sulpher Construction has completed a significant number of medium-to large-scale construction building projects. Sulpher Construction not only has a long and successful track record in the execution of civil/environmental facilities but our team has also completed projects of varying sizes, complexity, and budgets in the industrial, institutional, and commercial building sectors, including government buildings, education facilities, emergency response facilities, financial institutions, animal hospitals, and car dealerships.

With decades of experience across various construction sectors and especially in the civil/environmental fields, we offer peace of mind through responsive service, proactive and solution-oriented project management, uncompromising quality control, and a commitment to getting the job done right.

Civil/Environmental Facilities

  • Water Reservoirs, Pumping Stations
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants

Building Sector

  • Industrial: Manufacturing Facilities, Processing Plants
  • Institutional: Hospitals, Emergency Response Facilities, Recreational Facilities, Educational Facilities (Universities, Colleges, Schools K-12)
  • Commercial: Car Dealerships, Retail Stores, Financial Institutions


Civil/environmental facilities and other medium- to large-scale construction building projects